Biking along the Coast from St Kilda

One Sunday M and I dusted off our bikes and took them for a little spin. Well a roughly 30 mile spin actually. Along the front of St Kilda is a long and winding cycle track that runs right next to the coast and takes you all the way down the Peninsula should your little heart desire it. We cycled all the way down past Black Rock, towards Mordiallic until the weather seared at 36 Celsius and beat me fair and square (when we left it was mid 20s with a gentle breeze – always look at the forecast).

We took a packed lunch and explored the coast line, munching sandwiches, stopping for iced tea and chips and dunking in the sea when the heat got too much. Sandringham beach was particularly beautiful and I definitely plan on returning. You can hire bikes in Melbourne, much like the London Boris bikes and I would recommend spending a day exploring the coast line if you have a day to spare. The views speak for themselves…and I am very keen to set off again. Once the weather has cooled off a bit mind!










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