Valentines Day Gift Ideas

I should probably start off by saying I’m not the biggest lover of Valentines Day. M and I’s anniversary (of the day we met) is very shortly after and so we frankly end up skipping it and go all out for ‘our’ date instead. I’m also not wildly materialistic, apart from loving a clothes shopping splurge; I’d much rather save up and splash out for trips and experiences.

That being said, I know not everyone is that way inclined, and so thought I’d share my favourite seasonal picks with all of you and share the link love so you can click away a fortnight in advance, rather than going for the rubbish ”leftover flowers” look at the following to win V day…


Right, I know some boys are a little dubious about buying their girlfriend underwear. My response to this is to grow up a little. If you’re seeing your girl without her undies on, why should a pair of knickers be so terrifying? It’s a terribly sexy gift, let’s face it here, for both of you. If you’re a first time buyer, you can and should venture to this yummy little website. For years I’ve loved What Katie Did. They specialise in vintage lingerie and hosiery, but even if you’re not the vintage type (I’m not) they do superb quality stockings and deliciously tight corsets. They’re also a little less cookie cutter than Ann Summers or some of the other big brand underwear stores. Ladies, I stress, do NOT just wear these for your man and then shove them to the back of the cupboard. There’s nothing like gorgeous underwear to give you a big confidence boost. Put the lot on under a knee length floaty black dress and a pair of your favourite heels before you go out to a dinner date and you’ll be feeling a million dollars. It’s what being a girl is all about! Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on…


This smells like sexy woman. Classy, sexy woman. Well worth the price tag, as it’s only needed in very small amounts, and if you buy a girl perfume like this she’ll know you think she’s special and will be purring about it all evening. Thank me later. Buy it here.


For those that are London based who’s significant other is culturally and dramatically inclined, the Royal Opera House is showcasing one of my granddad’s favourite Verdi opera’s (and he knows his stuff, very moving) La traviata until 19 March. Tickets slotted into a card will make you partner of the year. More information here.


Now I must confess I got this from another blog, called the Londoner, but it was too lovely not to share. A group of photographers have been taking pictures of the sunrise in Cornwall every day since 2005. Simply pick the day you met/fell in love/your first date and they’ll send you the picture of the sunrise on that day. Have a closer look at TheDayThat here.

lobster key rings

For those of you on a tighter budget that happen to be Friends lovers (let’s face it, who isn’t?)”He’s her lobster” key rings are a lovely understated way to remind each other of your connection during the every day (such things can also be helpful during the odd squabble). Another Not On The Highstreet winner.


Another Not On The Highstreet gem are these adorable heart shaped tea light holders. A lovely reminder of you whilst they’re chilling out watching a movie, or even better, in a bubble bath!

Happy Valentines everyone, love birds, single pringles and all, use it as an excuse to treat yourselves.

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