Colonial Tram Car Birthday Treat

For my Birthday late last year I was taken for a very unusual and romantic lunch by M. I’ve taken an awfully long time to dig out the photos and get round to it I know but what with Valentines day coming up this weekend it seemed like a good time to reflect on being spoiled by ones significant other!

We started off waiting under the very exposed and blustery collection point (having arrived crazy early, I may have been very excited….) and were lead to our tables where dips and nibbles were waiting to get us started.


All washed down with Australian bubbles and your choice of white or red wine. It’s worth noting they do have other drinks on offer, but we’re not ones to turn down alcohol that’s included in the dinner price… as you can see it helped us polish off the first sharing course nicely…



Melbourne rolled by as we chatted about summer plans (how sad that now autumn is approaching in just 6 short weeks!) and we moved on to starters of terrine and smoked salmon with avocado cream. The terrine definitely won the day here, as the avocado cream was mostly, well, cream cheese.



The main course doesn’t look like much, but it really stole the show. The most beautifully cooked fillet steak, that melted in your mouth and cut like a dream.




Two very tipsy troopers (Matt carries it off better) thanks to our seriously lovely fellow Brit waiter, who staunchly declared he knew Brits could handle their drink, and proceeded to top us up at every opportunity. Thankfully there was a cheeseboard on the way to help sober us up (ignore the Brandy)…


The very same lovely waiter also casual asked what the occasion was, and at the end of the meal proceeded to bring out a thoughtful end to the meal and mortify me by having the whole carriage sing Happy Birthday..


Needless to say we stumbled off the carriage at South Wharf feeling very fuzzy around the edges but very happy. We wandered along the Yarra river to breathe in some fresh air and stretch our legs… before finding ourselves back at the little island bar I told you about in a previous post. 20151107_161901

We then met up with friends at the beach and chatted late into the night. All in all a wonderful birthday/special occasion/weekend treat and I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go if you’re visiting. The lunch option is less dear than the dinner option and I would recommend it if you want to people watch from your little side table. Unfortunately due to lighting issues I didn’t get as many pictures of the interior as I would have liked, but I can assure you it feels very Hogwarts esq, and very magical.

Details of how to book are here, and make sure you book well in advance to ensure getting the time of day and date you want.

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