Watermelon Rum Coolers

These are just a little something I whipped up whilst I had some watermelon in the fridge that needed eating a few Fridays ago.


Deliciously simple, the amount of watermelon above is enough for one very tipsy pirate or could stretch to quick sundowners for two.

Start off by chopping up your cold melon and shoving it all in a blender.20160206_201854

Then get your hands on whatever type of flavoured rum tickles your pickle. I opted for the below as I was feeling summery.


I’ll leave how much you add up to you – make it as strong as you dare! I added in several generous double measures to make a batch for myself to  leave in the fridge and go back to at a later date.

Add a small handful of fresh mint and blitz the nuts out of it.

Now this is where you can see the efforts of my ”experimenting”…

The mixtures ends up looking something like this…


At this stage if you have one, I would advise to add some ice and put it through a cocktail strainer into your glass. It tastes deelishusss.  Very light but packed with flavour.

I unfortunately, do not yet own a cocktails strainer… So what came out was rather, ermmm, foamy. But as you can see, she’s still a looker!


Add some fresh mint and extra ice if you’re serving to others or just feeling fancy. If like me you don’t own a strainer, scoop the top foam off with a spoon and slurp through a straw straight from the jar  you were saving for later. Well you can’t rely on pirates to behave themselves on a Friday after all!


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