Free Music

I mentioned to you in my Valentines day post that M and I aren’t really so into Valentines day. So this year we grabbed a colleague of his and headed to the beach for a free music festival. All the roads were blocked off and pedestrians were let loose to play, replacing the normally almost constant flow of traffic.

We headed out in the afternoon after a lazy start of documentaries, tea and lie ins. Venturing to our local watering hole to get things rolling. There were salsa bands with hoards of people dancing in front of them, food carts, amusement park rides, Β and (terrible) rap music on the main stage by the sea. You’re not allowed drinks in the main stage viewing area either. So after all of two opening bars we sacked that in for the bar next door, queuing for an age to get in, but rewarded with rum and ginger beer slushies and a great reggae band. Everyone cleared the way for dancing and got into the weekend spirit.

After one too many slushies and slobbering over the bowls of chicken wings going past, our tummies rumbled loudly enough that we headed back out into the throng of the main street for takeaway schniztel and drinks into the night.

A brilliant day out and one I won’t forget in a while.

How did you spend your valentines day readers?! Did you get spoilt?








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