The Prodigal Son Returns…

Everyone, after an extended absence I am returning to my beloved See Morley!

This year has been a long and tumultuous one but there have been many adventures along the way.

To complete our required regional work; eighty eight days of farming work, in order to be granted our second year working holiday visa, M and I spent over four months citrus packing up near the Murray River in Colignan, Victoria with the most minimal internet signal I have ever experienced to date – whilst living in a blocked up blue camper van, we fondly dubbed as ”Birtha”.

In July, before the Birtha chronicles,  I visited my mum and stepdad in Pretoria, South Africa for a fortnight. This included an emergency night in a rural town B&B after being locked out of a game park due to GPS difficulties, and the most glorious night in a Kwa Zulu Natal game lodge I will reveal to you over coming weeks.

Most recently however, one of my very best friends flew over from London to Melbourne on her own travels, and joined M and I on a long weekend adventure, winding backwards along the infamous Great Ocean Road.

Combine this with day to day working to keep us in clothes and food, and a more extended private writing project, and I have unforgivably neglected my little blog.

But with a short trip to Tasmania looming in the New Year, and having made a decision to commit more fully to travel writing, I am back with a vengeance and determined to catch you all up on our adventurous 2016 to date.

I will be committing to a minimal bi weekly update, in order to balance my other project, so stay tuned for pictures and stories galore.


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