Hungoevr Mexican Breafkast Wrap

Like most girls, I love presents. Two of my best mates (who consequently live together) sent me a joint package for Christmas and my Birthday that came combined, very late (thank you Australia post).

One of the gifts C got me was actually what I got Vitamin E for Christmas, The Hungoevr Cookbook. Combined with that, armed with (most of the) ingredients I needed and DELICIOUS Newby teas. 2016_0114EBAY0043Emma got this for me and I’m officially a convert – I thought I’d whip up yet another satisfying breakfast. I know I’m overloading you with breakfast posts at the moment, especially vegetarian ones, but you’re going to want to check this one out. Just have a look at this….


This was purely a recipe I thought looked delicious, but how you’re supposed to use the book is by using several basic questions to identify which type of hangover you have out of several possibilities, and how best to feed yourself better again. The book even advises on suggested accompanying drinks and activities to make your day as recouperative as possible.

I made this slightly off recipe based on what I had in the cupboard. To serve two people you’re going to need:

A tin of chopped tomatoes

A tin of beans of your choice

One red onion

Garlic, fresh red chilli, fresh parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper

Two tortilla wraps

Two eggs

To get started chop your onion, garlic,  and parsley and fry them in a glug of olive oil.



Add your beans and tomatoes once your garlic is browned and your onions are going translucent.


I’m a fire lover, so at this stage I had one chopped red chilli with seeds, but if you’re not so keen use jarred jalapenos, or add your chilli de-seeded with the onion, herbs and garlic.

Add salt and pepper to taste, letting the tomatoes reduce and bubble up a little.

Now get your wraps out ready…


And put your egg on to fry (I only have one here because I made it just for me). I find the trick to great fried eggs is quite a lot of olive oil and then fry it up on a low heat, to keep the eggs from going ”frilly”.


Once your egg is cooked turn the heat off of your bean mixture, and scoop onto a warm tortilla. Add some grated cheese of your choice (cheddar for me).


Carefully fold your wrap up and place your fried egg on top.


Et voila! I have found the actually recipe page in the book for reference. You know you’re going to want to buy this!


Now dig in! Flippin’ brilliant.


Witch Light by Susan Fletcher

Witch Light

I very recently discovered Susan Fletcher at the Port Phillip Library.

Yes, I’ve joined a library here, I know. But hear me out, if I’m not preaching to the converted.

  1. I hate Kindles. Yes they’re eminently practical but it’s just not the same as a book. Discussion over.
  2. I normally buy all my books, which I realise is very impractical. BUT I do think that authors deserve to be paid for the worlds they open up to us. Plus, how ever in the world otherwise am I going to live the dream that is in build bookshelves floor to ceiling all over my home? Those babies need to be full to look good, and you’ve got to start somewhere
  3. The above being said, after the move money is tight. But a girl’s got to keep reading. Libraries are great places to go to switch off, take out as many books as your little heart desires, and they’re great institutions to keep alive for the next generation. So really, me joining is charity. Yes, something like that.

Annnyway, I’ve been reading like a steam train but one book I just cannot shake off myself is Witch Light by Susan Fletcher.

The writing is lyrical, lilting, mystifying and just out right dreamy. Her attention to detail and descriptive powers are fantastic, and I fell deeply in love with Corrag, the main character and her love for the natural world around her.

Wicca and other related early Religion is something thats lilted its way in and out of my Mothers side of the family for generations, and so I’ve always found myself drawn to tales of these women that wouldn’t give up their heritage in such tumultuous times, grappling for as much knowledge as I can get my mitts on. Whilst this is a work of fiction it really takes you back, and has set me off on a little project of my own….to be revealed hopefully at some point within the next year or so…stay tuned kids.

With that in mind – thank you Susan Fletcher, and I look forward to reading more of your well spun tales of wild Britain for inspiration.

Any more would spoil it for you, but it’s based (very) loosely on true events which makes it even more fascinating to me.

Buy it here.

It would make a cracking Christmas present for any lover of good writing or the mystics in your life.


The 9th Girl: Suspense Writing Not To Miss

9th girl

Tami Hoag is probably my all time favourite author.

I’ve always been a huge bookworm and I’ve always been fascinated by police investigations and serial killers. Something about the knowledge that these animals walk among us regular animals looking exactly like us but being a different species all together has always been a topic that keenly holds my attention.

When I was 14 my mum bought me Dark Horse for Christmas. This combined my love of books, murder investigations AND horses (Before I moved out and became broke I was an avid show jumper)…suffice to say, it was love at first page.

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Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Whilst I was in Tunisia (see yesterday’s post) and for a short time before the holiday I got totally wrapped up in a book in the way only true book worms do. Completely and unequivocally.shantaram

As in, by the pool in the afternoons I would read away for hours quietly supping my gin and tonic whilst poor Matt was huffing next to me, asking ‘’was I ready to get in the pool yet because the sun will actually be going down soon for Gods sake’’ type stuff.

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The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Girl on the train header

I recently read ‘The Girl On The Train’ after spotting every other commuter in London reading it many months ago. I tend to avoid more ‘cult’ books, shall we say, until the fuss has died down a little. That way I feel I can make a more objective decision about what I think, rather than jumping on one particular band wagon or another.

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Goodreads and Books for Dog Lovers

During a bored lunch hour I created an account with

If you’re a book worm, it’s a great website that allows you to keep a log of all the books you’ve read (staunchly fiction in my case) and gives you recommendations based on your past picks of books they think you might like.

Since off the top of my head in a bout ten minutes I’d racked up about 63 books I managed to get some really great suggestions that I’m still working my way through. I will of course let you know about these over the next 8 weeks before I head down under, when sadly I’m sure my reading time will be far more limited.

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