Valentines Day Gift Ideas

I should probably start off by saying I’m not the biggest lover of Valentines Day. M and I’s anniversary (of the day we met) is very shortly after and so we frankly end up skipping it and go all out for ‘our’ date instead. I’m also not wildly materialistic, apart from loving a clothes shopping splurge; I’d much rather save up and splash out for trips and experiences.

That being said, I know not everyone is that way inclined, and so thought I’d share my favourite seasonal picks with all of you and share the link love so you can click away a fortnight in advance, rather than going for the rubbish ”leftover flowers” look at the following to win V day…

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Wrapping Up in Autumn

I actually have a lot of photos to share with you all. London restaurants, Paris jaunts and recipes…

The problem, as you can imagine, is time at the moment.

Last night we went round to a friends for dinner to see them before we leave, we had a massive (and beautiful) Malay curry cooked by C, drank buckets of red wine and discussed A’s new book which I’m helping to edit.

This means that not only did I not do a post yesterday but the stuff I actually want to share with you isn’t even here today. Bad. Blogger.

So to make it up to you I thought I’d hit you with a little autumn style post.

I knowwww I’m leaving and I’m supposed to be getting rid of my coats, not buying new ones, but a beautiful little camel trench coat jumped out at me from Oasis and I just couldn’t resist her. She gave me the eyes from across the room and I just knew I wouldn’t be leaving without her.

So in light of that I thought I’d share her with you, and my favourites this season from the big three: Zara, Top Shop and Miss Selfridge.


Top Shop Favourite – Because it looks cosy for woodland walks.

ZARA duffel

Zara Favourite – I saw this at the same time as I bought the Oasis mac and fell deeply in love. If I was staying in the Northern Hemisphere I would definitely have got the credit card out. Such good quality it melted my heart. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

OASIS coat

Oasis Favourite – My new baby, goes with everything.MISS S coat

Miss Selfridge Favourite – Apparently Vogue loves it and so do I.

Ta Da! I promise I’ll upload the London photos soon. Faithfully.