Watermelon Rum Coolers

These are just a little something I whipped up whilst I had some watermelon in the fridge that needed eating a few Fridays ago.


Deliciously simple, the amount of watermelon above is enough for one very tipsy pirate or could stretch to quick sundowners for two.

Start off by chopping up your cold melon and shoving it all in a blender.20160206_201854

Then get your hands on whatever type of flavoured rum tickles your pickle. I opted for the below as I was feeling summery.


I’ll leave how much you add up to you – make it as strong as you dare! I added in several generous double measures to make a batch for myself to  leave in the fridge and go back to at a later date.

Add a small handful of fresh mint and blitz the nuts out of it.

Now this is where you can see the efforts of my ”experimenting”…

The mixtures ends up looking something like this…


At this stage if you have one, I would advise to add some ice and put it through a cocktail strainer into your glass. It tastes deelishusss.  Very light but packed with flavour.

I unfortunately, do not yet own a cocktails strainer… So what came out was rather, ermmm, foamy. But as you can see, she’s still a looker!


Add some fresh mint and extra ice if you’re serving to others or just feeling fancy. If like me you don’t own a strainer, scoop the top foam off with a spoon and slurp through a straw straight from the jar  you were saving for later. Well you can’t rely on pirates to behave themselves on a Friday after all!


Hungoevr Mexican Breafkast Wrap

Like most girls, I love presents. Two of my best mates (who consequently live together) sent me a joint package for Christmas and my Birthday that came combined, very late (thank you Australia post).

One of the gifts C got me was actually what I got Vitamin E for Christmas, The Hungoevr Cookbook. Combined with that, armed with (most of the) ingredients I needed and DELICIOUS Newby teas. 2016_0114EBAY0043Emma got this for me and I’m officially a convert – I thought I’d whip up yet another satisfying breakfast. I know I’m overloading you with breakfast posts at the moment, especially vegetarian ones, but you’re going to want to check this one out. Just have a look at this….


This was purely a recipe I thought looked delicious, but how you’re supposed to use the book is by using several basic questions to identify which type of hangover you have out of several possibilities, and how best to feed yourself better again. The book even advises on suggested accompanying drinks and activities to make your day as recouperative as possible.

I made this slightly off recipe based on what I had in the cupboard. To serve two people you’re going to need:

A tin of chopped tomatoes

A tin of beans of your choice

One red onion

Garlic, fresh red chilli, fresh parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper

Two tortilla wraps

Two eggs

To get started chop your onion, garlic,  and parsley and fry them in a glug of olive oil.



Add your beans and tomatoes once your garlic is browned and your onions are going translucent.


I’m a fire lover, so at this stage I had one chopped red chilli with seeds, but if you’re not so keen use jarred jalapenos, or add your chilli de-seeded with the onion, herbs and garlic.

Add salt and pepper to taste, letting the tomatoes reduce and bubble up a little.

Now get your wraps out ready…


And put your egg on to fry (I only have one here because I made it just for me). I find the trick to great fried eggs is quite a lot of olive oil and then fry it up on a low heat, to keep the eggs from going ”frilly”.


Once your egg is cooked turn the heat off of your bean mixture, and scoop onto a warm tortilla. Add some grated cheese of your choice (cheddar for me).


Carefully fold your wrap up and place your fried egg on top.


Et voila! I have found the actually recipe page in the book for reference. You know you’re going to want to buy this!


Now dig in! Flippin’ brilliant.


New Years Healthy Breakfasts

The beginning of a new year means getting back on the health horse. I know there are some people who never really got off of it but let’s be honest here, they’re certainly in the minority.

In aid of that, now January is pelting on ahead I thought I’d share with you two very tasty breakfasts that are delicious and satisfying, but leave you with the nutritional punch and enough protein to keep you nice and full until lunch time creeps around.

I won’t lecture you on the benefits of breakfast, but if you do one thing for your health ALL day, make sure you get a decent healthy breakfast. DO NOT SKIP IT. EVER. It gets your digestive system moving and increases your metabolism for the entire day, helping you process everything else you plan on eating that day. Digestion issues and lack of water massively contribute towards weight gain, so don’t take the advice lightly my friends.

Number one is more of an actual recipe, so I’ll crack on with that first. If you are from Australia or you have a health nut friend/family member in your life then you will have heard of Chia Seed Pudding. Chia seeds are packed with omega 3, are a great healthy source of protein and carbs, and with the right recipe can taste uhhmazing, like you’re eating sweet rice pudding for breakfast. Pudding for breakfast I hear you cry? You definitely want to get on board.

To make your own version you’re going to need:

1/6 of a mug of black or white chia seeds, whichever you can get your mits on.

1 mug of soy milk or your choice of nut milk.

Two heaped tbsp. of coconut yoghurt (greek yoghurt also works really well)

Two smaller tbsp. of honey (or maple syrup for vegans) if you’ve sworn off sugar, add a tsp of vanilla extract

One big handful of frozen fruit of your choice

One large jar (Mason jars are best, but I don’t have the time or funds for such things, a big clean pasta sauce jar will do nicely. Recycling at it’s finest)

Start by pouring out your chia seeds…



^ You can tell it’s going to be epic from Matt’s mug face (sorry Matt).

Then add your mug of soy milk. If you use soy make sure to always buy organic. I choose this one:


Then add your coconut yoghurt, this is made from coconut milk, so keeps my version diary free. Save the planet one meal at a time and all that. The only one I could get my mits on in Aus is the one by nudie in Woolies.


At this stage your mixture should be looking something like this:


Never fear! I promise it’s really tasty. Now add your honey…


And stirrrr like your life depends on it! This is very important to make sure the honey and chia seeds are evenly distributed and you don’t end up with a watery clumpy mess on your hands. I usually spend about 5 minutes really whisking away at it. Once this is done grab your frozen fruit (my favourite is summer berries) and pile into the mixture until you can’t fit anymore in when the lid is shut.




Screw the lid on tight and leave either for an hour or overnight for breakfast ready the next day. It’s so beautifully simple. I usually eat half a jar for breakfast with either some fresh juice or a banana along side my tea and water in the morning and feel satisfied until early afternoon. They last up to three days without dairy, two days with before they lose their lustre. Just mix the fruit in with the rest of the pudding and eat up!

If, however, you wanted something hot in the cold weather up North, I have just the ticket for you.

Fry up some mushrooms and asparagus in a pan with some garlic, and put in your tub/on your plate. Top with a fried egg and half an avocado. Crumble over some feta cheese, dried red chillies and a dusting of pepper and your done. It takes all of about 10/15 minutes to prepare and is well worth the time and effort. If you can’t squeeze that in during the week, treat yourself at the weekend. It will cure the most stubborn of hangovers, gives you a big dose of veg and healthy fats… and no meat in sight.

Happy breakfasting everyone!

Steak, Red Wine and Sunshine on South Warf, Melbourne

On the South Wharf there’s a treat awaiting hungry carnivores, aptly named the Meat Market.

We were tempted in by their lunch time deal of steak frites and a glass of house wine or beer (and soft drinks of course, but I mean come on now) for the grand sum of $9. We were starving and asked ourselves how bad could it be after all? Our bravery was highly rewarded. Plus the view from the terrace wasn’t bad either.

2015_1027EBAY0016 2015_1027EBAY0017 2015_1027EBAY0018 2015_1027EBAY0019

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Tommy Tucker’s Fish and Healthy Burgers

Happy Monday everyone! Did we all have a good weekend?

To start the week off right I’m going to tell you a little about my new fishy obsession.

If you don’t know much about St Kilda you should know the place to be is Acland Street for the most part. Cake Shops, Clothes shops, book stores, bars, gelato parlours and endless restaurants.

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The Best Veggie Fajitas (with Vegan alternative)

Every week I like to eat vegetarian at least once and fish/seafood at least twice. If I can amp that up with some spice, the mores the better.

Vegan and vegetarian food is good for your digestive system, metabolism, bank balance, skin AND your waistline.

I’m a firm believer however, that whilst we should all eat as healthily as possible, it should still taste freaking delicious.

This little number has been in my weekly repetoire for a long time now. In fact I’ve meant to share this with you for months but it’s just so quick and easy I kept hungrily thinking ”oh I’ll do it next time”…so I thought it was a great excuse to test drive my new kitchen!



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My Mustard Chicken


I promise you I don’t just cook chicken.

In fact I’ve got a corker of a veggie/vegan recipe already lined up for you. Sadly it’s so moreish/quick and easy that I’ve cooked it twice since I’ve written the post and not been able to contain myself to take photos as I cook. But I digress, that one will be shared with you soon folks.

This little number is a variation on Jamie Oliver’s mustard chicken from 30 Minute Meals.

As I mentioned in a post not too long ago Jamie Oliver is probably my favourite chef. I love his attitude to food and LOVED this original recipe.


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My Feta Chicken in Bacon

This is an adaptation of my mum’s recipe, in that, she make’s this slightly differently to me. This is my version, which has become a regularly requested staple in our home on an almost weekly basis at this point.

Every time I make it for M he eye rolls, lip smacks and groans, scraping in every last morsel. I’m not gunna lie, it’s pretty damn good. This recipe is easy to multiply as needed and would make a cracking main at a dinner party.

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