Steak, Red Wine and Sunshine on South Warf, Melbourne

On the South Wharf there’s a treat awaiting hungry carnivores, aptly named the Meat Market.

We were tempted in by their lunch time deal of steak frites and a glass of house wine or beer (and soft drinks of course, but I mean come on now) for the grand sum of $9. We were starving and asked ourselves how bad could it be after all? Our bravery was highly rewarded. Plus the view from the terrace wasn’t bad either.

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Le Weekend, Paris

Bonjour everyone!

My last visit to Paris in a while was a rather special one and I’ve got a lengthy post planned for tomorrow where my stepdad and I ticked something unusual off the bucket list. So for today I’m going to give you the food and all the rest in between, and dedicate a special post to our unusual French activity. So you’ll have to come back you eager beavers!

It all kicked off after a late night of drinks with a glorious breakfast. Made by one of my favourite chefs, Ma herself. She always does an impressive spread.



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The Crusting Pipe and Petillon’s White Balloons

Okay, so I know the last two posts have been hefty ones.

I thought I’d give you a bit more of a breather today with a more bitesize final installment of my London weekend with the fam.

Sundays with my Dad’s bunch are usually rather more petite than the Saturdays as it is. Usually around 2 or 3pm everyone heads off to catch flights/trains/lifts back to their destinations of choice before the Monday grind.

The being said, we usually head to all round favourite, The Crusting Pipe in the centre of Covent Garden for a long wine filled Sunday lunch.

This particular weekend however we were struck with Charles Petillion’s installment of 100,000 white balloons.


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Opera Box Lunch and Tapas in Crouch End

Now, I know I’m back tracking and you were probably expecting to see another Australia post on here. But if you recall, I promised faithfully I would tell you all about my adventures weekend-ing in London and Paris before I left for Melbourne, when I was to see my folks before we flew off to the Southern Hemisphere. Well, I’m nothing if not an honest girl.

This week M’s at work and I’m still job/flat hunting. My plan is to give you a lunchtime foody tour of Melbourne, particularly as we’re trying to be frugal until we’ve got ourselves set up, great places for healthy lunches that are easy on the purse…I’m rather excited about it actually! But I digress…

The weekend in question was the last weekend I spent with my dad’s side of the family before we set off to Australia.

My dad lives in Edinburgh now, but his side of the family are originally from closer to London. So every year around our respective birthdays for the past 8 years or so we’ve spent a weekend in the bright lights celebrating, swapping presents, and of course eating great food.

We arrived, did our hellos and hugs and settled down for lunch at Sarastro in Covent Garden. Sarastro is a Turkish restaurant with a broadly Mediterranean style and sits on Drury Lane. The food is consistently good, but what really knocks the wind out of you is the décor.





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Sunday Feasting

On Bank Holiday Sunday M and I went out for dinner.

We’d been meaning to go to The Chequers for a long time. It was that place that every time we drove past it we did the ”we really must make time to go there” and never got round to it.

Since we had less than 4 weeks to go, and our weekends are made up of seeing friends and family, we took what will be our final evening out alone together to generally catch up with each other (yes, even though we live together) and get a bite to eat before we ran out of time to make the visit.

Having spent the majority of the weekend list-writing, cleaning out freezers /cupboards, form filling and generally being fed up with the amount we have to do, we felt a little like we’d been let out to play for the evening. So got some drinks in nice and sharpish and vowed to attack all three courses with style.

food chqers 2

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Rex and Mariano: Friday in Soho

Erika and I used to work together before I left for the big smoke. She’s one of my closest friends and we share deep loves of exercise, healthy eating, red wine and seafood.

As we’re both crazy busy (me with the move, her with professional exams) we usually squeeze in a brunch here and there and talk about how unfit/skinny/tired/happy/busy we’ve become, and look back with fondness on the times we spent dancing late into the night.

Neither of us knows anyone else, bar our own families, who love sushi and good seafood the way we do. So we firmly set a date to go to this great seafood joint I’d heard of down a little back alley of Soho in London, Rex and Mariano.



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Porto Cervo Marina

Last time you left us we were sunning it up by the pool, drinking cocktails.

Since the previous evening we hadn’t quite made it into Porto Cervo we resolutely decided to make it into town and see what resteraunts were on offer.

Since our tummies were well and truly grumbling I was a little neglectful of taking pictures of the town by the marina itself, so here’s a few of Google’s finest for you:PCERVO 2 porto c porto cervo 3 Continue reading “Porto Cervo Marina”

Arriving in Porto Cervo: C’s Birthday

Back in April the girls and I booked a long weekend away in Sardinia. No boys, no work, just cocktails and sunshine. Plus it was Cyd’s birthday, so we thought we’d combine these two excuses very valid reasons and get away for a few days.

After a hysterical and very comfortable overnight stay at the Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick , we headed off to Olbia, starting as we meant to go on…


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