The Prodigal Son Returns…

Everyone, after an extended absence I am returning to my beloved See Morley!

This year has been a long and tumultuous one but there have been many adventures along the way.

To complete our required regional work; eighty eight days of farming work, in order to be granted our second year working holiday visa, M and I spent over four months citrus packing up near the Murray River in Colignan, Victoria with the most minimal internet signal I have ever experienced to date – whilst living in a blocked up blue camper van, we fondly dubbed as ”Birtha”.

In July, before the Birtha chronicles,  I visited my mum and stepdad in Pretoria, South Africa for a fortnight. This included an emergency night in a rural town B&B after being locked out of a game park due to GPS difficulties, and the most glorious night in a Kwa Zulu Natal game lodge I will reveal to you over coming weeks.

Most recently however, one of my very best friends flew over from London to Melbourne on her own travels, and joined M and I on a long weekend adventure, winding backwards along the infamous Great Ocean Road.

Combine this with day to day working to keep us in clothes and food, and a more extended private writing project, and I have unforgivably neglected my little blog.

But with a short trip to Tasmania looming in the New Year, and having made a decision to commit more fully to travel writing, I am back with a vengeance and determined to catch you all up on our adventurous 2016 to date.

I will be committing to a minimal bi weekly update, in order to balance my other project, so stay tuned for pictures and stories galore.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

I should probably start off by saying I’m not the biggest lover of Valentines Day. M and I’s anniversary (of the day we met) is very shortly after and so we frankly end up skipping it and go all out for ‘our’ date instead. I’m also not wildly materialistic, apart from loving a clothes shopping splurge; I’d much rather save up and splash out for trips and experiences.

That being said, I know not everyone is that way inclined, and so thought I’d share my favourite seasonal picks with all of you and share the link love so you can click away a fortnight in advance, rather than going for the rubbish ”leftover flowers” look at the following to win V day…

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